13 Sep

on this date

On this date in 1925, according to nationalpastime.com, Dazzy Vance threw a no-hitter for Brooklyn; in 1936, Bob Feller, at age 17, struck out 17 batters, an American League record; in 1946, Ted Williams hit the only inside-the-park home run of his career, clinching the AL pennant for Boston; in 1965, Willie Mays hit his 500th homer; in 1971, Frank Robinson hit his 500th homer; in 1983, Mike Fitzgerald, a former Jackson Met, homered in his first MLB at-bat; in 1998, Sammy Sosa hit his 62nd homer of the year; in 2008, Francisco Rodriguez – “K-Rod” – notched his 58th save of the season, breaking Mississippi State alum Bobby Thigpen’s record; and in 2011, Mariano Rivera got his 600th save.
Also on this date, in 1956, a boy was born at Great Lakes Naval Base near Chicago (and Wrigley Field). He would grow up in Augusta, Ga. (where Ty Cobb once played), become a fan of the Braves (and Hank Aaron), play second base on the dusty fields at Eisenhower Park, collect baseball cards (can’t quit), discover the joys of APBA Baseball, become a sports writer, move to Mississippi (the land of Boo Ferriss and George Scott), get married to a sweet girl (who graciously endures his baseball ramblings), cover Double-A baseball (and five championship teams) for 20-odd years, raise a Braves (and Jeff Francoeur) fan, make many friends through baseball connections, cobble together a book on Mississippi baseball history and start a baseball blog that inspires him to get out of bed every day and write something. To those who read this stuff: a heartfelt thank you.

Mike Christensen

Mike Christensen

A long-time sports fan and 30-year newspaper veteran muses on all things baseball in Mississippi. Contact: mwchristens@gmail.com
Mike Christensen

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  1. Happy Birthday, Mike. Thanks for the insight you provide, bringing the stories to life, and for your friendship for all but 12 of the years you describe. -Robert

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