07 Aug

throw like bo

Funny the things you run across while looking for other things. On this date in 2017, Carlos Moncrief, a former Hillcrest Christian star who had a proverbial cup of coffee in the major leagues, unleashed a couple of throws that had Joe Maddon gushing with a bold comparison. “That’s Bo Jackson-arm stuff right there,” the then-Chicago Cubs manager said. Moncrief, playing for San Francisco, made a one-hop heave from deep right field to home plate at AT&T (now Oracle) Park. The throw, estimated at 307 feet, just missed nailing Javy Baez, who had circled the bases for an inside-the-park homer after the ball he hit took a crazy carom. Moncrief also made a no-hop throw from right-center to third base in the same game, keeping a runner from advancing. (Yes, there is video of both.) Moncrief, who was released out of the Mexican League in 2019, was a two-way standout at Hillcrest and Chipola (Fla.) Junior College and began his pro career in 2008 as a pitcher in Cleveland’s system. He moved to the outfield, started putting up numbers and finally earned a call-up to the majors in July 2017. He got into 28 games that season, his only MLB stint. He had 38 at-bats, eight hits, five RBIs and four runs. And those two remarkable throws. Joe Maddon no doubt still remembers.

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